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All Mosta Ranch does GOOD work

But we need YOUR help.



At All Mosta Ranch we support

85 to 100 VERY hungry animals.


Welcome to All Mosta Ranch Montana

Who We Are

We are a non-profit Livestock Rescue; Adoption and Educational Center; and Community Service Organization.

501(c)(3) 72-1543204

Our non-profit status can be verified at: or through the website

Our Mission

The mission of All Mosta Ranch Montana is to provide a sustainable quality of life for abused, displaced, neglected, or unwanted farm animals, while enriching the lives of children and adults of all abilities through them.

Where We Are
P. O. Box 937
630 Lower Lost Prairie Rd
Marion, Mt. 59925
(406) 270-7513

What They’re Saying About Us

I first became familiar with All Mosta Ranch Montana “AMR” when it was located in Plains, Montana. I visited the ranch & became intrigued with the critters & what Kate was doing. Since I have pasture land & she has lots of critters I offered her the use of the pastures. I’m glad she took me up on that because 1. we became friends 2. I’ve been given the privilege of fostering some of her special needs critters. While Kate was living in Plains she received a call about a llama that had been lying by the side of the road in 90 degree heat for a week…..
rockridgekate, Guide Star
I am totally indebted to all the animals at All Mosta Ranch.

They have given me so much joy and so much love, which was only made possible through the shelter, the love and the care given to them by our best friend, Mrs. Kate

Eternally grateful,

From A Stranger on the Shore

June 26, 2013


Janet, AMR Guest and Friend