About All Mosta Ranch

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Educational and Charitable Benefits

The AMR has been established for the Educational and Charitable benefit of the community and for the Welfare/Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We believe in the “Cycle of Life”, but most importantly in the “Quality of Life”. We have found that children (and adults) who learn to have compassion, love, and respect for animals easily develop and display these same characteristics toward the people who touch their lives, making them better community members throughout their lives. We have become a vehicle for some of this ‘education’ through our resident critters.

“If you have men who will exclude any of God’s Creatures

from the shelter of compassion and pity,

you will have men who will deal likewise

with their fellow men.”

Saint Francis of Assisi

Animal Rescue

At the AMR our rescues (resident critters) are the inspiration for our visitors to want to learn about proper animal husbandry, farm/ranch management, how to achieve comfort and safety around animals, at times – the joy of physical labor, and to get involved in further rescue operations or public education in the prevention of cruelty (abuse and neglect).

Everyone loves handling the variety of critters residing on the ranch. Our visitors LEARN about each type and breed, their care and place/purpose on a ranch/farm and the ecosystem.

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“Until he extends his circle of compassion

to include all living things,

man will not himself find peace.”

Albert Schweitzer

korri & prince

Pleasure and Education

We try to keep at least one example of as many breed and types of livestock as possible for our visitor’s Pleasure and Education. All the AMR critters are hand tamed – ready to be petted, hugged, snuggled with, learned about, worked with and ENJOYED… ‘pet therapy’ for all.

“At the AMR we watch our visitor’s eyes

pop out and the smiles grow

as they walk & work among the critters.

It is an added blessing to watch

the calming effect this has on those families

and individuals ‘at risk’ or are in turmoil,

as well as our critter’s gracious and affectionate

response to knowing they are safe, well cared for, loved

and have a fulfilling purpose.”

Granny Kate, AMR