Become an AMR Volunteer Today!

The AMR is a happy place for teenagers who want to accumulate volunteer hours toward their academic or career goals. Our volunteer work is designed to cater to the abilities, interests and needs of our volunteers, as well as the immediate needs of our resident critters. This covers all facets of farming/ranching and animal husbandry.

Our Volunteers Helping Out Around The AMR

Our critters are always hungry. These volunteers understand that and are pitching in to make sure everyone gets fed.

We all love to work with the animals, but some times there are other chores that need tending to. Here Misty takes care of business in the shop.

Scooter had a rough day, but now he gets to relax. These volunteers love taking care of our of our critters and our critters love being taken care of.

Our volunteers come in all shapes and sizes so don’t be bashful. Come on out, we can use your help!