About Us

The AMR is an established non-profit Livestock rescue, Adoption center and Sanctuary for abused, displaced, neglected, or unwanted farm animals. The AMR was also established for the Educational and CHaritable benefit of the community. We havge recived many visitors, both critters and folks since 1998 and became a licensed non-profit organization 1 January 2003, filfilling an obvious growing community need. The AMR is a small, simple, unobstrusive place, but has dreams and plans of growing to fulfill this NEED.

Our Goal

To provide a sustainable quality of life for these animals. While enriching the lives of children and adults of all abilities through them.

Our Objectives

  • To provide rescue and sanctuary services for farm animals in need.
  • To provide a QUALITY OF LIFE and FULFILLING PURPOSE for our resident critters.
  • To rehabilitate those critters that are in need, and place them in forever homes, encouraging a "partnership" rather than an "ownership".
  • To inspire our supporters and visitors to want to learn about proper animal husbandry, farm/ranch managment and to get involved in further rescue operations or public education in the prevention of cruelty (abuse and neglect).
  • To provide bi-products from the AMR to those community members in need.
  • To provide educational, recreational and social activites to the public (through the critters).
  • To promote or provide other related or unrelated community services when the need arises.

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